Table 1

Characteristics of study participants by IBS subtype

CharacteristicConstipation-predominant IBS (n=9)Diarrhoea-predominant IBS (n=10)P value
Age, median (min–max)39 (19–65)43 (19–65)0.92
Gender, male/female2/72/8>0.99
BMI (kg/m2), mean±SD26.2±5.735.0±7.10.009
HADS-A, mean±SD6.8±6.35.6±3.70.62
HADS-D, mean±SD2.8±3.13.6±2.40.34
PHQ-12SS, mean±SD4.6±4.47.7±3.40.10
Weekly bowel frequency, mean±SD7.7±3.012.4±5.00.02
Weekly Bristol Stool Form Scale Score, mean±SD2.1±0.85.3±0.80.02
  • BMI, body mass index; HADS-A, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale-Anxiety subscale; HADS-D, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale-Depression subscale; PHQ-12SS, Patient Health Questionnaire-12 Somatic Symptom Scale.