Table 3

Type-B DNA methylation at gene promoters targets specific signalling pathways

Pathway nameFold enrichmentFDR-corrected p value
Alpha adrenergic receptor signalling pathway3.070.033
Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathway2.521.51×10–5
Ionotropic glutamate receptor pathway2.510.019
Alzheimer disease-amyloid secretase pathway2.427.90×10–3
Heterotrimeric G-protein signalling pathway-Gi alpha and Gs alpha2.073.52×10–4
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor pathway2.041.42×10–5
Heterotrimeric G-protein signalling pathway-Gq alpha and Go alpha1.969.78×10–3
Transforming growth factor-beta signalling pathway1.920.033
Platelet derived growth factor signalling pathway1.898.94×10–3
Cadherin signalling pathway1.887.37×10–3
Wnt signalling pathway1.827.34×10–5
Epidermal growth factor receptor signalling pathway1.760.040
Integrin signalling pathway1.70.018
  • Type-B CpGs were identified as those significantly associated with age in the Braf mutant intestine from weaning but not associated with age in wild-type animals. CpGs were assessed by regression analyses and pathway enrichment determined using the PANTHER enrichment tool.