Table 1

Type-A DNA methylation at gene promoters targets specific signalling pathways

Pathway nameFold enrichmentFalse discovery rate-corrected p value
Axon guidance mediated by Slit/Robo6.425.37×10–4
Ionotropic glutamate receptor pathway3.874.18×10–3
Cadherin signalling pathway2.946.71×10–5
Metabotropic glutamate receptor group III pathway2.870.0345
Heterotrimeric G-protein signalling pathway-Gi alpha and Gs alpha mediated2.375.67×10–3
Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathway2.30.0368
Heterotrimeric G-protein signalling pathway-Gq alpha and Go alpha mediated2.270.0476
Wnt signalling pathway2.099.11×10–4
  • Type-A CpGs were identified as those significantly associated with age in the intestine of wild-type animals from weaning. CpGs were assessed by regression analyses and pathway enrichment determined using the PANTHER enrichment tool.