Table 1

Comparison of clinical and demographic characteristics between patients with persistent VA and mucosal healing on follow-up duodenal biopsy

Patients with persistent VA
Patients with mucosal healing
P value*
Age at diagnosis
(years, mean±SD)
Gender, F103 (65.6%)388 (72.3%)0.11
Classical pattern of CD88 (56.1%)263 (49.0%)0.12
Clinical response to GFD63 (40.1%)394 (73.4%)<0.001
Good GFD adherence60 (38.2%)520 (96.8%)<0.001
Family history of CD17 (10.9%)74 (13.9%)0.42
Associated autoimmune diseases34 (21.7%)133 (24.8%)0.46
Seronegative CD†20 (12.7%)54 (10.1%)0.38
Months on a GFD at follow-up duodenal biopsy (median, IQR)30
  • *P<0.05 for statistical significance.

  • †Includes both patients with true seronegative CD and patients with CD associated with total IgA deficiency.

  • CD, coeliac disease; F, female; GFD, gluten-free diet; IQR, Interquartile range; SD, Standard Deviation; VA, villous atrophy.