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Climate change: a survey of global gastroenterology society leadership
Desmond Leddin, M Bishr Omary, Geoffrey Metz, Andrew M Veitch

7 September 2022

Management of Helicobacter pylori infection: the Maastricht VI/Florence consensus report
Peter Malfertheiner, Francis Megraud, Theodore Rokkas, Javier P Gisbert, Jyh-Ming Liou, Christian Schulz, Antonio Gasbarrini, Richard H Hunt, Marcis Leja, Colm O'Morain, Massimo Rugge, Sebastian Suerbaum, Herbert Tilg, Kentaro Sugano, Emad M El-OmarSee the full list of authors

11 August 2022

PICaSSO Histologic Remission Index (PHRI) in ulcerative colitis: development of a novel simplified histological score for monitoring mucosal healing and predicting clinical outcomes and its applicability in an artificial intelligence system
Xianyong Gui, Alina Bazarova, Rocìo del Amor, Michael Vieth, Gert de Hertogh, Vincenzo Villanacci, Davide Zardo, Tommaso Lorenzo Parigi, Elin Synnøve Røyset, Uday N Shivaji, Melissa Anna Teresa Monica, Giulio Mandelli, Pradeep Bhandari, Silvio Danese, Jose G FerrazSee the full list of authors

8 April 2022

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