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World Gastroenterology Organisation – Gut Commentary Series on Digestive Health and Climate Change

Digestive Health and Climate Change

We are delighted to introduce to the Gut readership a compendium of nine commentaries, each summarising one, or a hybrid, of the nine educational webinars organised by the World Gastroenterology Organisation. The webinars covered the why, what and how in terms of climate change (CC) as related to digestive health hazards, disease implications and actionable interventions. The nine commentaries published by Gut in the December 2023 issue are coauthored by the webinar speakers and colleagues and provide a synopsis of the webinar topics and related resources and references. They also serve as a compendium of the impact of CC on gastrointestinal health for readers worldwide to use.


World Gastroenterology Organisation - Gut commentary series on digestive health and climate change M Bishr Omary, Desmond Leddin, Geoffrey Metz, Andrew M Veitch, Emad M El-Omar, Guilherme Macedo, Mai Ling Perman The fundamentals: Understanding the climate change crisis Desmond Leddin, Hugh Montgomery The effects of climate change on digestive health, and preventive measures Mhiairi C Donnelly, Nicholas J Talley Impact of climate change on vulnerable populations Govind K Makharia, Anahita Sadeghi, Desmond Leddin, Anthony Costello Approaches for greening endoscopy and reducing waste João A Cunha Neves, Enrique Rodríguez de Santiago, Lars Aabakken Green gastroenterology adaptation, resilience and an industry perspective Cassandra Thiel, Emma Pak, Rainer Burkard, Harald Huber Carbon footprint of gastroenterology practice Heiko Pohl, Robin Baddeley, Bu’Hussain Hayee NHS efforts in England to mitigate the climate crisis: uniting nurses and gastroenterologists Robin Baddeley, Nick Watts, Leigh Donnelly Climate change, paediatric health and ways that digestive health professionals can engage Rebecca Philipsborn, Madhumitha Manivannan, Todd L Sack Gastroenterology climate action opportunities via education, empowerment of trainees and research Aasma Shaukat, Brijen Shah, Cassandra DL Fritz, M Bishr Omary