Top Cited Articles

We are delighted to announce the 2017 impact factor for Gut is 17.016 (Journal Citation Reports (c) Clarivate Analytics), and it remains the second ranked journal in the Gastroenterology & Hepatology category. This is a testament to the vision of Editor-in-Chief Professor Emad El-Omar and his team to serve the international research community by publishing the very best papers across gastroenterology and hepatology.

To mark this achievement we list below the 30 articles that have received the most citations over the past year and made them free to read:


Management of Helicobacter pylori infection-the Maastricht V/Florence Consensus Report
Malfertheiner P, Megraud F, O’Morain CA on behalf of the European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group and Consensus panel, et al

Global patterns and trends in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality
Arnold M, Sierra MS, Laversanne M, et al

The safety of vedolizumab for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
Colombel J, Sands BE, Rutgeerts P, et al

Fungal microbiota dysbiosis in IBD
Sokol H, Leducq V, Aschard H, et al

Metagenomic analysis of faecal microbiome as a tool towards targeted non-invasive biomarkers for colorectal cancer
Yu J, Feng Q, Wong SH, et al

Current and upcoming pharmacotherapy for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Rotman Y, Sanyal AJ

European consensus conference on faecal microbiota transplantation in clinical practice
Cammarota G, Ianiro G, Tilg H

Tumour-associated and non-tumour-associated microbiota in colorectal cancer
Flemer B, Lynch DB, Brown JMR, et al

Targeting of tumour-infiltrating macrophages via CCL2/CCR2 signalling as a therapeutic strategy against hepatocellular carcinoma
Li X, Yao W, Yuan Y, et al

Microbiota-induced obesity requires farnesoid X receptor
Parséus A, Sommer N, Sommer F, et al


The gut microbiota and host health: a new clinical frontier
Marchesi JR, Adams DH, Fava F, et al

Akkermansia muciniphila and improved metabolic health during a dietary intervention in obesity: relationship with gut microbiome richness and ecology
Dao MC, Everard A, Aron-Wisnewsky J, et al

Stool consistency is strongly associated with gut microbiota richness and composition, enterotypes and bacterial growth rates
Vandeputte D, Falony G, Vieira-Silva S, et al

The gut microbiota plays a protective role in the host defence against pneumococcal pneumonia
Schuijt TJ, Lankelma JM, Scicluna BP, et al

Identification of an anti-inflammatory protein from Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, a commensal bacterium deficient in Crohn’s disease
Quévrain E, Maubert MA, Michon C, et al

Proton pump inhibitors alter the composition of the gut microbiota
Jackson MA, Goodrich JK, Maxan M, et al

Proton pump inhibitors affect the gut microbiome
Imhann F, Bonder MJ, Vich Vila A, et al

Comparative metabolomics in vegans and omnivores reveal constraints on diet-dependent gut microbiota metabolite production
Wu GD, Compher C, Chen EZ, et al

Analysis of circulating tumour DNA to monitor disease burden following colorectal cancer surgery
Reinert T, Schøler LV, Thomsen R, et al

Proton pump inhibitor-responsive oesophageal eosinophilia: an entity challenging current diagnostic criteria for eosinophilic oesophagitis
Molina-Infante J, Bredenoord AJ, Cheng E From the PPI-REE Task Force of the European Society of Eosinophilic Oesophagitis (EUREOS), et al


Global incidence of oesophageal cancer by histological subtype in 2012
Arnold M, Soerjomataram I, Ferlay J, et al

Kyoto global consensus report on Helicobacter pylori gastritis
Sugano K, Tack J, Kuipers EJ on behalf of faculty members of Kyoto Global Consensus Conference, et al

Colorectal cancer screening: a global overview of existing programmes
Schreuders EH, Ruco A, Rabeneck L, et al

Diets that differ in their FODMAP content alter the colonic luminal microenvironment
Halmos EP, Christophersen CT, Bird AR, et al

A polyphenol-rich cranberry extract protects from diet-induced obesity, insulin resistance and intestinal inflammation in association with increased Akkermansia spp. population in the gut microbiota of mice
Anhê FF, Roy D, Pilon G, et al

HBV cccDNA: viral persistence reservoir and key obstacle for a cure of chronic hepatitis B
Nassal M.

Stromal biology and therapy in pancreatic cancer: a changing paradigm
Neesse A, Algül H, Tuveson DA, et al

Iron fortification adversely affects the gut microbiome, increases pathogen abundance and induces intestinal inflammation in Kenyan infants
Jaeggi T, Kortman GAM, Moretti D, et al

Long-term adenoma recurrence following wide-field endoscopic mucosal resection (WF-EMR) for advanced colonic mucosal neoplasia is infrequent: results and risk factors in 1000 cases from the Australian Colonic EMR (ACE) study
Moss A, Williams SJ, Hourigan LF, et al

Effects of targeted delivery of propionate to the human colon on appetite regulation, body weight maintenance and adiposity in overweight adults
Chambers ES, Viardot A, Psichas A, et al